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Download Ornithopedia Europe Version 1.3.3 [10.08.2016 - 35.40 MB] 

  • Added new theme "outdoor" - For better visibility when in bright daylight.
  • Fixed issue with Search by name filter "scientific order".

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27.01.15 - NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: 1.04


06.11.14 - NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: 1.02

05.11.14 - NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: 1.01


Ornithopedia has been removed from the Play Store by Google without a specific reason. Due to this surprising action (which could happen anytime again) it is unlikely that Ornithopedia will receive major updates in the future. Ornithopedia has been re-uploaded as "Ornithopedia Europe", the same app with the possible offence (the button that links to the donate section of this website) removed.

There is no way for me to contact the 8873 user who still currently use Ornithopedia and tell them to switch to the new app for future small updates and bug fixes. Also all 245 reviews (with an average of 4.37 Stars) are lost. The App had 17702 Downloads total.


Version 1.6.4 [30.10.2014 - 35.85 MB]

- Implemented new lists feature.
- Fixed moving default folder to SD-Card on Android 4.4 and higher.
- Fixed searches containing "ß" in German.
- Fixed crash when clicking on image author name. Only happened when no image module is installed.
- Fixed crash when the full name of a bird with a Cyrillic symbol (e.g. "ä", "ò") was used in the search by name.
- Adjusted needed free space for modules.
- Fixed crash when opening Wikipedia with an old (legacy) module.


Version 1.6.3 [16.10.2014 - 35.92 MB]

- Adding some of the gender symbols for the new images
- Images not from the image module will be scaled down to avoid OutOfMemory issues when viewed full screen.
- Added new options to, If no preview image from the image module in the search by name has been found, enable search of alternate one inside the folder.
- Adjusted the look of the Settings
- Adjusted the look of the results of the search by characteristics
- Adjusted the filters in the search by name. List will now also scroll to the position of the bird selected with auto-complete.
- Updated the data for the visibility graph (the yellow graph in the gallery) for all countries and added 14 more locations. These locations are now also available in the country filter in the search by name list.
- More potential fixes for Android 4.4 and SD-Card issues.


Version 1.6.1-1.6.2 [10.10.2014 - 35.25 MB]

- Remodeled the search by name a little
- One can now choose between the Wikipedia if multiple Wikipedia modules are installed


Version 1.6.0 [01.10.2014 - 35.25 MB]

- Reworked image module. New module needs to be downloaded as usual and contains twice (roughly from 1500 to 3200) as many images for the 400 most common birds. Some of the old images with very low quality have been removed. Some birds without an image have got some now. The whole pack has been re-encoded from the originals and sharpened, making even the old images that have been kept in the new pack looking better now. Also you can select between maximal image width. For mobile devices a choice between 512 or 1024 pixel in maximum width seems a reasonable compromise between file-size and quality. Images higher than the selected maximum width will be scaled down accordingly. Images below about 150 KB in their original have not been altered at all. Most images above that have been sharpened and slightly reduced in quality to make the total size manageable. All images in original form would be 3.4 GB. I can make these available if there is interest, but there is only a slight quality difference between the 1024 pack and the original, making the almost 6 times usage of space not warranted.
- Improved loading speed. Primarily in the gallery (the place with the overview of a species)
- Improved search by name. The list now filters by default while typing. This can be turned off in the settings. Also the language selection has been added and the behavior when returning to the search by name after clicking a hit in the list has been slightly altered.
- Various bug-fixes. Including a potential fix for SD-Card issues with Android 4.4 (feedback on this would be helpful). It seems to crash on some devices when changing the folder to an SD-Card. But just on some, making this error hard to trace down.




15000 total downloads! 8300 active users and 200 reviews with an average of 4.31 !

Thank you everyone who supported the App, especially to all translators.



Version 1.5.5 [09.08.2014 - 28.05 MB]

-Added gender symbols for most images of birds
-Minor fixes for Italian modules


Version 1.5.4 [28.07.2014 - 28.03 MB]

-Minor fixes for Dutch and Spanish versions crashing


Version 1.5.2 -1.5.3 [07.07.2014 - 28.02 MB]

-ADDED Correct gender image results for the search by appearance
-ADDED Gender hints below images of common birds
-FIXED Date setting in lists
Thanks to Sandra Velitchko for identifing the genders!


Version 1.5.1  [07.07.2014 - 28.02 MB]

-ADDED Correct gender image results for the search by appearance
-ADDED Gender hints below images of common birds
-FIXED Date setting in lists
-CHANGED Folder changing for Android 4.4 and up
Thanks to Sandra Velitchko for identifing the genders!


Version 1.5.0 [25.06.2014 - 27.97 MB]

-ADDED Export and GPS to the lists
-FIXED Freeze of streaming sounds


Version 1.4.8 [10.06.2014 - 26.86 MB]

-ADD Partial Spanish / Dutch translations
-ADD First test version of list making.
-CHANGE Sound modules. The old basic module gets replaced by a new small an bigger one. The sounds in the new modules are hand selected and many more per bird. But the amount of species in the module went down from 200 to 100. Which should be plenty for most use cases.
-FIX Zone selection in French
-CHANGE Removing or changing a sound module will now only remove all files within '/.Ornithopedia/Sounds' if the change happens between languages (e.g.: Change from 'French - Basic' to 'Latin - Basic'. Changing from  'French - Basic' to  'French - Advanced' will only remove the sound files from the Basic Module, but leave everything else untouched. Removing all files includes streaming sounds and content that has been manually added. This is needed because the folder structure (the folder names) is changing.



10,000 total downloads!



Version 1.4.7 [015.05.2014 - 26.68 MB]

-FIX Possible fix for new downloading module problem
-ADD Nearly complete Spanish translation.

Version 1.4.6 [01.05.2014 - 26.66 MB]

-CHANGE file hosting


Version 1.4.4 [01.05.2014 - 26.66 MB]
-FIX Possible fix for downloading module problems
-ADD Search by feature choice "zone"
-ADD range map links in Gallery


Version 1.4.0 [22.04.2014 - 26.64 MB]

-CHANGE Sound and Wikipedia module. To get the new content you have to re-install them. Re-installing sounds removes all Sounds in "./Ornithopedia/Sounds/.." folder (including streaming sounds you have downloaded), so backup your own sounds if you have included some. You can add them again after the new module is installed. The sounds in the sound module are complete different now and there is a second module now available, which has (a couple each) sounds to not only the common, but most of the 1144 birds. The wiki articles have been mainly expanded to include more (nearly all) articles available
- ADD Difficulty settings for the Ornitho-Trainer. Now you can Choose from a list of the most common 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 250, 400 birds. Birds for sound and images are the same, so you can train both.
-CHANGE Diacritical mark check. Now faster and on by default everywhere. It should cover all, should you find it is not so please notify me.
-FIX Preview image in the gallery on "large" setting. Was sometimes not showing images before
-ADD 4000 streaming sound files for less common birds
-FIX Modules not deleted when ".Ornithopedia" folder was moved
-ADD Possibility in the settings to remove all streaming sounds


07.04.2014 Version 1.3.1

- CHANGE Search now allows partial text matches
- ADD Function to now allow absence of diacritical marks (e.g.: é=e)
- FIX Icon after long click on a downloaded sound file


05.04.2014 - Version 1.3.0

-ADD Filter by bird type
-CHANGE Sounds can be paused now
-ADD Option to open sounds with external Media Player


29.03.2014 - Version 1.2.0

 - ADD: Birding-Trainer for images
 - ADD: All Subspecies to every species (use the little plus icon below the name of a bird)
 - FIX: Automatic country location detection
 - FIX: Wrong image attributions
 - FIX: Background of images in the search by features




5000 total downloads!



19.03.2014 - Version 1.1.0

- CHANGE: The picture folder is now called "Images". Previously the folder was called the word for "picture" in the language of the module you have installed. Now everyone gets English folder names for the primary image folder now. This makes life simpler for me as I am not certain of the correct words for all folders in all languages. The folder for bird names are still in the language you have chosen in the modules.

- FIXED: Various Out of Memory issues. There were some with the big list and the preview pictures in it. Also there were some caused by the images in the module section.

- FIXED Download rates of the modules. Previously I used the web space provider with "unlimited bandwidth and your own server" that I also use for my private mails. Turns out if you get several gigabyte of download every day for months, they turn down the rate for each user to around 60 kbp/s. Hence the switch to something more professional now. - Amazon's S3 Cloud Storage - yes we too are in the cloud now.

- ADD Birds to the list. We are up from about 800 to 1144 found here. This is the best list I could find.

- UPDATE Image/sound module. With the new birds new folders had to be made and new images had to be added. There are no sounds for these bird in the sound module, as most newly added are very rare and the sound module only covers common birds so far.

- ADD Country selection options. You can now filter the list by a country of your choosing. The lists for the countries are also taken from Avibase. You can also now set your location for the occurrence statistics (the yellow bar graph below a bird) manually in the settings.

- ADD Possibility to show bird name in all languages. When you have select a bird, below it's name in Latin there is now a little plus symbol. If you press this you get the name of this bird in all 19 languages shown.


15.03.2014 - Version 1.01-1.02

There was a little hotfix, changes in the link structure of Xeno-Canto made the streaming sounds and the Ornitho-Trainer non functional.


18.02.2014 - Version 1.0.0

Version 1.0 was released.


16.08.2013 - 18.02.2014 - Testing

The Alpha/Beta testing phase ran. At the end of which a lot has changed from the early Version, in no little part thanks to the feedback of many user. There were a total of 2843 downloads in this time.