If you want to contribute to a missing translation (of buttons etc.), give comments or improve the grammar feel free to contact me. Thanks!  Even if your language has already been translated contact me, more help could not hurt in some cases (as a current translator may be sometimes otherwise occupied and unable to translate in time for updates).


The translation works roughly as follows:

<string name="use">Use selected</string>

and your job would be to translate it to

<string name="use">YOUR-TRANSLATION-HERE</string>

Easy right?  It is not hard, just time consuming.



A big thanks to the translators so far:

- French translated by Sandra Velitchko.
- Russian translated by Leonid Velitchko and Tatyana Korzhitskaya.
- German / English translated by Benjamin.
- Spanish translated by Jesus Alvarez.
- Dutch translated by Helen.
- Italian by Paolo Px4.