Available for the European and North American avifauna.

06.11.17 - Info

Long time no see...again.

As you may have guessed due to lack of time and interest I have stopped developing new features for this Ornithopedia..for now.

All the content will still be available and (god forbid) new Android Versions make the App crash I will fix it :)

Thank you everyone who supported the creation of this App. I might pick this up again when the spark comes back.

10.08.16 - Version Update 1.3.3

Long time no see!
I added a new theme and correct some minor bugs here and there
More improvements to come..stay tuned!

16.01.16 - Info for other DEvelopers

You can now call parts of Ornithopedia in your App. Say you want to show the user more about a species of bird without implementing and handling all the images/sounds etc. yourself, just call Ornithopedia for this.

16.01.16 - Version Update 1.3.0

There have been major changes behind the scenes, there is a new "Folder"-module and, especially if you have included your own images, everything should run smoother. The new module works just like the others, except it has no content filled in. Every file you put into one of the module's folders can be accessed in the gallery overview of that species. Say you have files like "Blackbird_movie.avi" and "Blackbird_info.pdf" you can put these into the given folder structure of the "Folder"-module (../Ornithopedia/Files/Blackbird/..) and they will be displayed (and can be opened from inside the App) alongside the images and sounds inside the info section of the gallery. You can add files manually by copying them into the folders, or from inside the App by clicking and holding the corresponding symbol in the info section. Removing files can also be done from inside the App by holding a click for 2 seconds on the file. You can also now add your own images this way btw.

I also added an easy way to look up a species on many different websites (such as Google, Wikipedia, Ebird, etc.), if you feel I missed an important website (can be a regional one) write in and I will add it.

Another interesting side note is that you can now use your own images for the Ornitho-Trainer, just include them in the module folder and they have the same chance of coming up as other images.

24.10.15 - State of the App

Ornithopedia Europe currently has 8558 installations of 15404 downloads with 172 reviews and 4.65 stars. Ornithopedia North America is at 103 installations of 284 downloads and 5 reviews with a 4.80 star rating. About half of the user are from Germany and France. Other European countries vary up to about 500 user. The United Kingdom noticeably (since it is a bird loving country and the App is available in English) being low at 302 user.

Until this month I have only replied to negative feedback (to help resolve the issue) on the Play Store, but I now have replied to all reviewers and left a little message to show my appreciation. Cheers guys! Also recently, Google started to allow developers to see how the users acquired the App, so for the current month of October 2123 people visited the Play Store description of Ornithopedia Europe, 954 of those were compelled to install it. 10 People found it via a Google search and 33 got referred from somewhere. Which prompts me to update the store description a little, as the images/videos are from older versions.


New version available: Europe: 1.1.9-1.2.1

Should you experience troubles downloading the modules, please write in, as I am currently unable to reproduce the error on any of my devices.


New version available: Europe: 1.1.8, North America: 1.0.3


New version available: Europe: 1.1.7, North America: 1.0.2


New version available: Europe: 1.1.6


New version available: Europe: 1.1.5

State of the App

Today Ornithopedia Europe has for the first time more installs (5780) than the old Ornithopedia (5744). It has been installed 9024 times, giving it a retention rate of 64%. Also with a Rating average of 4.75 it shows up with full 5 stars on the Play Store, which is quite neat. Cheers everyone!

Ornithopedia North America is also going strong with, drum-roll please, ..11 active users after two weeks! That is almost a user a day! Amazing. Also one 4 Star rating. It will gain traction, you wait and see!


New version available: Europe: 1.1.4


New versions available: Europe: 1.1.3, North America: 1.0.1

Publish the first version of Ornithopedia North America. There are some major features missing, compared with the European Version. If anyone is interested in helping out, please check the  Help wanted page.


New version available: 1.1.2


New version available: 1.1.1


New version available: 1.1.0


Added new feature (in the App and on the website) called "Online Identify Assistance", where you can send in files (images, sounds etc) of birds you do not know and get help with identifying the species. It is currently only available at the website, but will become a part of the App soon.

13.04.15 - State of the App

Currently Ornithopedia Europe is installed on 2027 devices. It has been downloaded 2773 times, which gives it a retention rate of 73%, which is quite good, but this is of course the result of Ornithopedia users switching over to Ornithopedia Europe. 6516 still use the old Ornithopedia (switch if you haven't, I have no control of the old Ornithopedia!). The current Ornithopedia Europe version (1.0.4) has been downloaded 46 times from the website as APK. It has a 4.71 Star average rating in the Google Play Store with 48 reviews.


Ornithopedia now available on Yandex, an alternative to the Play Store.


It is now possible to use Ornithopedia on your PC, I wrote a short HOWTO for it.