Are you from the best, most awesomest, kickass country #1 in the world? You got some free time on your hands? Know your way around the North American Avifauna and the basics of Excel and Google?

I would love to complete Ornithopedia North America, but this will take a couple volunteers to help out with the tedious work of gathering resources, making the modules, cataloging, fact checking etc. So I need people who can put in some serious work (10-15 work hours at least).

What needs to be done currently:

  • Creation of a Sound module.
  • Completion of the Images for every species.
  • Identification of the feature of common species (such as wing color, Wing band count etc.)
  • Identification of the gender of every bird shown in images of the App.

Drop me a mail and if we get a handful of diligent hard working volunteers together we can make this happen!



PS: Canadians are also welcomed.