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App development

Benjamin Vanzetta



Sandra Velitchko : Bird Gender Identification for Images
Philomelos:  In charge of Videos



- French translated by Sandra Velitchko.
- Russian translated by Leonid Velitchko and Tatyana Korzhitskaya
- German / English translated by Benjamin.
- Spanish translated by Jesus Alvarez
- Dutch translated by Helen
- Italian by Paolo Px4


Ornithopedia does not own the copyright for most material used. For more information about re-using the resources provided, like images and sounds, check how the author licensed it, usually a variant of the  Creative Commons licence.


Images - Are from independent authors over at Wikipedia Commons and Flickr.

Audio - Most of the audio files are hosted on Xeno-Canto. They were recorded by independent authors. If you are looking for bird audio, there is no finer source to be found.

Articles - What would our lives be without you: Wikipedia.


Buttons - Most of the grey icons, which provide the general color theme of Ornithopedia, are from a set called "Iconic", designed by P.J. Onori.

File icons - The folder menu displays file type icons, which is from a theme called "Basic Filetypes 1&2" by TraYse101, which can be found on Deviantart.

Silhouettes The various bird silhouettes sprinkled throughout the App are vector graphics from Eugen Wais, purchasable over at Colourbox.

Bird ID

Multi lingual names - From the IOC World bird list.

Country specific groupings - Are from the Western Palearctic checklist from Avibase.

Bird Statistics

Regional occurrence graphs- Are provided by Ebird data.

Occurrence statistics - Are from the Birds of the European Union - A status assessment report.

Internal Components

File Chooser - The Dialog that allows you to select a file or folder in various parts of the App is created by jfmdev and called "aFileDialog". It is licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL and can be found here.

Image Full-screen View - The part of the gallery that allows you to view and zoom images in full-screen (even your own) of any size is provided by a project from David Morrissey called subsampling-scale-image-view. It is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 and can be found here

File Sorting - Because alphanumerical sorting is a pain in the a.., cheers to Haidermushtaq.