Note: The Setting options are still changing regularly and the ones currently described here might be incomplete or partly irrelevant.

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(Click on the number of the setting that interests you)

1 - Change default folder

By default the folder is on the external storage and will be removed when Ornithopedia is removed. Changing this folder to another locations means you have to delete this new folder yourself if you remove Ornithopedia. Changing the folder will also delete the folder, this will cause all files and modules contained within that old folder to be removed. More about this: Howto: Use your own resources.

Press the button and the bottom to use the currently shown folder to contain a new '.Ornithopedia' folder

2 - Total space used by streaming sounds

Clicking this will calculate the amount of space used by streaming sounds that have been downloaded (excluding the sound modules). You then have the choice to remove all of them by clicking "Clear All".

3 - Select your country

Default: The country selected in your phone settings. Great Britain if none that is supported by the App was found.

Currently this setting will only change the yellow graphs shown below a bird in the gallery to show statistics about your country.

Changing the country will change the yellow graph.

4 - Select default language for birds

Default: The language selected in your phone settings. English if none that is supported by the App was found.

The language set here will be used for the bird species name throughout all features of the App (such as the Ornitho-Trainer, Lists, Search by Name, etc.).

5 - Change Theme

Default: Default

You can switch between the default pretty dark Gray and high contrast. High contrast should for example help with the sun glare when you are outside.

6 - Scientific Ornitho-Trainer

Default: Not checked

If checked, the Ornitho-Trainer will use scientific names instead of the default language you have set.

7 - Folder Visibility

Default: Not checked

If checked, this will change the base-folder name from ".Ornithopedia" to "Ornithopedia" which can be helpful in some cases where this folder does not show up when your phone is connected with a PC.

8 - Gender Identification

Default: Text and Images

Below images in the gallery the gender can be displayed. This setting determines if you want this shown and if so with text or with text and images that represent the gender of the bird.

9 - Bird type filter in the big vertical list

Default: Common types

Changes from commonly called groups to scientific order. Commonly called groups can contain multiple scientific orders or split them. Example: Ducks and geese are in the same scientific order (Anseriformes), but are commonly seen as different groups and hence have two entries in the common type.


scientific order

10- Preview picture size in the scrollable list

Default: Medium

Smaller images will load faster.






11 - Set MySearch

MySearch is there to customize your search by appearance. Zone is always in this selection. You can enable different options to be shown in this activity.

12 - Enable videos

Default: Enabled

Disabling this will no longer show this video button  in the gallery.

13 - Date Format

Default: Year.Month.Day

This is the way dates will be displayed inside the App and in exported lists.

14 - Prevent from going to sleep in tour overview

Default: On

Prevents the phone from going to sleep while adding new birds to a list.