It is now possible to easily use Ornithopedia (and all other Android Apps) on your PC (Windows, Linux and Mac)!

For this to work you need three things: Google Chrome (most popular web browser to date), ARC Welder (addon for Google Chrome) and the APK file (think of it as sort of similar to a .zip file) for Ornithopedia which you can get here. Save the APK file to some place where it is not in your way, since Ornithopedia will not be installed somewhere, but always run from that file. 

Install ARC Welder and launch it by selecting the "Apps" shortcut in your bookmarks bar (top left in chrome) or typing to "chrome://apps" into the search bar of chrome. ARK Welder is easy to use, you just point it to the APK file and it starts it right up in a new window.

After you have started up Orntihopedia once it is automatically shown in the "Apps" tab and can be accessed there, or even better, by right clicking the Ornithopedia icon you can create a shortcut to your Desktop to always start it right up, just like a normal PC application.

For more information about Arc Welder go to directly to Google's Developer Page.