I can not find Ornithopedia in the Play Store:

Ornithopedia requires Android 2.3.3 or higher. If you can not see it, your device probably runs a lower Android version than that.

One of the pictures is shown completely black.

If a picture of a bird in the gallery is complete black there was a problem loading it. There could be something wrong with the picture that could have caused this. For example if it was one of the images you included yourself it could be corrupted. Check the picture for any faults, if you can not find any, remove it from the folder and the black image in the gallery is gone.

Will there ever be an Apple version of Ornithopedia?

Ever is a long time, but no, probably not.

The App is missing a species or has the wrong name!

Sadly there is no universal authority for naming bird species, hence many species have multiple names in a country (often even multiple in Latin due to re-classifications). Multiple names will be considered in an update in the future, but for now only one per bird is possible. The App currently uses this list with 1144 birds for the Western Palaearctic, based on the names of the IOC World Bird List.

If you are further interested in this topic you should check out the book "Naming Nature" by Carol Kaesuk Yoon.

I downloaded a module and can not find the files on my device!

This could be because your file manager does not show hidden files. The main Ornithopedia folder starts with a dot at the beginning, which is the file-system indication for a hidden file. Hidden because the thousands of images of Ornithopedia would clutter other Apps, such as a Gallery App. Enabling the showing of hidden files would solve this.

It could also be caused by the Android MediaScanner, which is responsible for detecting files and even though Ornithopedia has a function forcing the re-scan after a module download, it seems not to work for every Android version.  This is a known Android problem for which there exists no solution that works for everyone. The indexing of files on your mobile devices works a little different than indexing on a computer. Even though files may be present, they may not be visible to the file manager or a connected computer. Restarting your phone should do the trick in many cases. If you can not see the folders on your computer, but on your phone, try the folder visibility setting.

Can I safely move the App to or from my SD-Card?

Yes there should be no problems with that. As long as you don't manually move (with your file manager) the '.Ornithopedia' folder, which is used for the media files.

If I de-install Ornithopedia, will the modules also be gone then?

Sometimes. Depends on the phone manufacturer, Android version and if you have changed the default location. Check the location of the location (at the bottom of the module downloads inside the App for example) before you de-install the App and manually remove the folder if it has not disappear by itself afterwards.

I get the error "No internet connection found" but my phone indicates that I have internet!

Is your phone plugged into something (USB-PC connection or charger)? Unplug it.

How long do these modules take to install?

Downloading and extracting duration depends greatly on the size of the module, the install location (SD-Card read/write speed is slower than internal) and the time of the day.
For example the image module should take an average of 5-10 minutes to download and 5 minutes to extract. If the download speed is far longer than that make sure no other service or device is using your network bandwidth or just try it at a later time of the day if you don't want to have your device busy downloading for that long.

What are the reasons for the Permissions the App requires?

The App requires seven permissions: 

The first three are needed to download the modules and streaming sounds. 
WAKE_LOCK is required to stop the phone from turning off the screen while downloading the modules or in the lists overview. 
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION / ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION are needed for the GPS in the lists.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is needed to save and access the downloads (streaming sounds/modules).

What does the Ornithopedia Version number (e.g. Version 1.1.0) mean?

First number will increase for a major upgrade or rollover from the second number (if it reaches past 9). Second number will increase for a big upgrade (such as the addition of a new feature). Last number will increase in case of a minor bug-fix.